H.E.A.T.S. One DAy Workshops for :

Schools, Universities, Community Groups, and Organisations

To Support your passion gain employment opportunities, gain a skill for life, start a new career or set up your own creative business.

Education for everyone

Online and Face to Face One Day Workshops For Creative Careers.

H.E.A.T.S. These are one off workshops for organisations and have been designed to help support creativity, mental health and employability. Our workshops are for students to do a hands on workshop for balloon artistry, floral design and T shirt  personalisation.

Our lesson plan is structured and is a full day workshop, with hands on participation and interaction, videos and group introductions to enhance the learning experiences.  Each student will also be followed up and supported should they sign up for the entrepreneur programme with what the next steps will be to take to move forward and step into your creative career.


Ger rid of Old School Assumptions

I assist learners in finding new effective belief and get rid of the outdated, discouraged and irrelevant life attitudes. You're upgrading to be a better you.

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